• Part 3/6: Deconstructing "Pay Inequality"

    Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Director of Economics21 & Senior Fellow of The Manhattan Institute, will be discussing the myths and realities of pay equality in America.

  • Part 4/6: Obamacare vs. Women

    Are women just focused on free contraceptives and birth control? Independent Women’s Forum Director of Health Policy, Hadley Heath Manning, says women care about accessible and affordable health care more than free birth control pills.

  • Part 5/6: Reforming Feminism

    Using primary sources, Mona Charen, a well-known syndicated political columnist, former Reagan speechwriter and bestselling author, offers thoughtful solutions to reforming feminism to restore it to its traditional roots.

  • Part 6/6: Getting Active on Campus!

    Author and political commentator, Kate Obenshain, offers an alternative path for conservative women interested in politics by suggesting how to get involved in the process themselves.

Welcome to Conservative University

Welcome to Conservative University

Welcome to Conservative University! CU is a project of Accuracy in Academia and will offer free online courses promoting conservative principles. The courses will primarily be geared towards college students, but are open to all lovers of liberty and free speech!
Each course will be taught by expert faculty, will offer continued education resources, class summaries, and an optional brief quiz to test your ascertained knowledge about the class topic.
Thank you for visiting! To see our first course trailer, click here. ("Sex, Lies & Women's Studies")