Gender and sex studies have ignored the reality of the sexes - both are inherently different and have specific roles to play in society. Using primary sources, Mona Charen, a popular and well-known syndicated political columnist, former Reagan speechwriter and bestselling author, gives her take on how liberal and radical feminism has distorted gender roles and has actually diminished the value of women in American society, while offering thoughtful solutions to reforming feminism.


  • Women and men are inherently different and both bring unique contributions to society and the family
  • Marriage has been hurt by liberal, radical feminism taught in America‚Äôs universities, teaching that marriage is detrimental to the independence and happiness of a woman
  • In order to reform feminism, it is important that feminism reasserts the family as the focus in society and restore the true equal rights doctrine of early feminism, before it was seized by liberal ideologues in the 1960s